10 Brain-Based Strategies to Help Children Handle Their Emotions: Brid
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10 Brain-Based Strategies to Help Children Handle Their Emotions: Bridging the Gap between What Experts Know and What Happens at Home & School

In this recording, best-selling author Tina Payne Bryson (co-author with Dan Siegel of The Whole-Brain Child) discusses how to increase the effectiveness of your treatment by working with parents to reduce the backwards steps taken when a child leaves the therapy office or classroom.

Using stories, case examples, and plenty of humor, Dr. Bryson explains ten simple, scientifically grounded strategies that will help children handle their emotions and make better decisions—even in high-stress moments.   You will learn how to accurately assess a child’s temperament and the key questions to provide a great understanding of family dynamics and parenting styles.  Walk away from this webcast with the tools to improve outcomes by working more effectively with the entire family as part of the process.


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Tina Payne Bryson
1 Hour 30 Minutes
14 May, 2013
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This online program is worth 1.5 hours CPD.



Tina Payne Bryson's Profile

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Ph.D., Parenting consultant and psychotherapist

Private Practice

Tina Payne Bryson, Ph.D., is the co-author (with Dan Siegel) of two New York Times bestsellers, The Whole-Brain Child and No-Drama Discipline, as well as the upcoming The Yes Brain. She is the executive director of the Center for Connection in Pasadena, CA, and a pediatric and adolescent psychotherapist. She keynotes conferences and conducts workshops for parents, educators, and clinicians all over the world. Dr. Bryson earned her Ph.D. from the University of Southern California, where her research explored attachment science, child-rearing theory, and the emerging field of interpersonal neurobiology. You can learn more at TinaBryson.com, where you can subscribe to her blog and read her articles about kids and parenting.

Speaker Disclosures:


Financial: Tina Payne Bryson has an employment relationship with Pediatric and Adolescent Psychology Associates.  She is a director with the Mindsight Institute.  She is an author for Random House Delacorte publishers and receives royalties.  She receives a speaking honorarium from PESI, Inc. 

Non-financial: Tina Payne Bryson is the co-host of the online parenting show “The Intentional Parent”.  She maintains a blog on kids and parenting (TinaBryson.com).

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  • Explain why emotional responsiveness is an essential intervention strategy. for developing the brain and creating long-term mental health and resilience.
  • Distinguish the connection between reactivity and the threat-detection system in the brain
  • Identify when parents need to make shifts at home, versus when a child actually needs therapy.
  • Demonstrate how to reinterpret seemingly maladaptive behavior as purposeful, adaptive behavior with a meaning, then learn how to shift it.
  • Describe how to communicate these basic concepts to parents.


Emotional Responsiveness

  • How much does context matter?
  • Communicate comfort rather than threat
  • Decrease emotional reactivity through a sensory motor lens

Creative questions that reveal more about a child’s:

  • Temperament
  • Family life
  • Parenting they are receiving

Emphasize the parental basics:

  • Nutrition
  • Sleep
  • Self-care

Teach parents how to more effectively deal with their child’s behavior

  • Understand when to “lean into” a behavior instead of trying to extinguish it
  • Wait for the teachable moment, and know when to avoid talking about feelings and problems
  • Uncover and challenge parents’ theories about their children’s reactivity and behavior
  • Allow development to happen, even if it’s not on our preferred schedule

Target Audience

Psychologists, Counselors, Social Workers, Case Managers, Marriage & Family Therapists, Nurses, Teachers/Educators, Speech-Language Pathologists, Occupational Therapists & Occupational Therapy Assistants, Physical Therapists/Physical Therapy Assistants, and other Mental Health Professionals



Overall:     4.8

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Rhonda J - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

"I have no complaints. I loved the presenter's style and she was practical, as well as very knowledgeable."

Tara S - Edmond, Oklahoma

"Totally and completely phenomenal. Thank you thank you!"

Ellie K - MC FARLAND, Wisconsin

"This training was SO wonderful! I was very impressed and thankful to be able to use with my own kids."

Tammera B - Rochester, Minnesota

"Tina, you were very organized. I appreciated the handouts you put together and the examples you shared in your presentation."

Kimberly P - Levittown, Pennsylvania

"Great seminar!"

Li Ting H - Alhambra, California

"Very insightful! I will recommend this course/program to others for sure. "

Jennifer A - Lapeer, Michigan

"this was a great course for me as a mom and as an interventionist"

Lois B - BETHPAGE, New York

"This inservice course more than met my expectations both personally and professionally."

Cheryl H - Hanover, New Mexico

"Great presentation! Presenter was clearly informed and material was presented in an orderly and effective manner. "

Caroline B - Ft. Wright, Kentucky

"This program has not only taught me effective strategies to use as an Occupational Therapist in the schools with my students (which I was expecting) but also at home with my own children (something I was not expecting. I have a 6 year old with a lot of anxiety)."

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