Trauma Healing: Transforming Developmental Trauma into Integration and
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Trauma Healing: Transforming Developmental Trauma into Integration and Resiliency

Dan Siegel is one of the world's leading pioneers in trauma theory and practice. In this ground breaking online series, Dan discusses all aspects of an interpersonal neurobiological approach to transforming developmental trauma into integration and resiliency.

An interpersonal neurobiological approach

Eminent psychiatrist Dan Siegel educates us on his ground-breaking discoveries regarding where mind, brain and relationships meet. This series explains how unresolved developmental trauma can impact not only our relationship with ourselves, but our relationship with those we love the most. Most importantly, this series helps us begin the profound journey moving toward healing, wholeness and relational intimacy.
Part one (5 hrs) is presented by Dan Siegel providing theory, education and understanding. Part two (5 hours) is led by Khiron House’s clinical team showing how they work with traumatised people in the Khiron House Clinic.
Lectures include:

  • Evolution and attachment
  • The brain and trauma: integration and practice
  • Three ways of knowing
  • The plane of possibility
  • Working clinically with trauma and attachment (Clinical examples)
  • The frame of trauma treatment (Clinical examples)
  • The frame of trauma treatment 2 (Clinical examples)

Topics include: Evolution, Attachment, Developmental trauma, Mindfulness, Trauma Scripts, Brain Function in Trauma, Psychiatry, Effects of Child Maltreatment on Health, Childhood Trauma Alters Brain Development, Regulation of Arousal, Relational Intimacy, Relationships, Working with integration and transformation.


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Dan Siegel
10 Hours 24 Minutes
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01 Jan, 2016
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This online program is worth 11 hours CPD.


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Dan Siegel is currently clinical professor of psychiatry at the UCLA School of Medicine where he is on the faculty of the Center for Culture, Brain, and Development and the founding co-director of the Mindful Awareness Research Center. An award-winning educator, he is a Distinguished Fellow of the American Psychiatric Association and recipient of several honorary fellowships. Dan Siegel is also the Executive Director of the Mindsight Institute, an educational organization, which offers online learning and in-person lectures that focus on how the development of mindsight in individuals, families and communities can be enhanced by examining the interface of human relationships and basic biological processes.



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Fiona H - London,

"I have gained so much from this course and it will influence my work enormously and I'm very interested to find out more about working in this way. It has also influenced my self care and way of life"

Faye A - Deal, Kent

"Thoroughly enjoyed this course."

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