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Were you taught to use medication, CBT, exposure and other traditional therapy approaches to treat trauma? Did you know that these approaches can be limited when it comes to healing trauma at the deeper, emotional level of the brain?

Memory reconsolidation is a recent neuroscience breakthrough that revealed a new way to clear trauma at its roots by process of recalling and updating a memory.

During this workshop, I'll provide you with step-by-step instructions and techniques you can use in each phase of trauma treatment. This is the trauma training that specifically gives you skills in the phenomena of memory reconsolidation. Let me show you why memory reconsolidation is necessary for transforming your trauma work with clients. I will give you a simple protocol to use to reconsolidate a traumatic memory in as little as one session!

Don't get the impression that you have to get lengthy, expensive training and certification in certain modalities in order to be able to successfully treat trauma. My workshop will let you walk away knowing exactly what to do to help your clients reclaim their lives after trauma!
The New Rules of Trauma Treatment
Integrating Neuroscience for Resilience, Connection and Post-Traumatic Growth
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Upon completion of this workshop, participants will be able to:

  • Summarize how a clients’ emotional trauma is processed in the brain as it relates to case conceptualization.
  • Analyze why the use of clinical exposure techniques alone are not enough to relieve post-traumatic stress symptoms.
  • Breakdown the three phases of trauma-informed treatment put to practical use in-session.
  • Compile recent neuroscience discoveries regarding memory reconsolidation and its clinical implications for treating trauma.
  • Characterize the five steps that several evidence-based trauma therapies have in common.
  • Utilize two experiential techniques that can be used to resource, uplift, and empower clients to reduce feelings of shame and helplessness.
Meet the Course Expert:
Courtney Armstrong, LPC, MHSP
Courtney Armstrong, LPC, MHSP, is the author of The Therapeutic “Aha!” (2015) and Transforming Traumatic Grief (2011). She is the director of Tamarisk: A Center for Mind-Body Therapy in Chattanooga, Tennessee. In her 20 years of practice as a licensed professional counsellor and grief and trauma specialist, she has helped thousands of clients recover from trauma, reclaim resilience, and experience deep personal transformation.

An affiliate member of the Social and Affective Neuroscience Society, Courtney has a passion for investigating the neurobiology of trauma, attachment, and healing processes and translating research into practical applications therapists can use to get better results for their clients. Courtney has trained thousands of mental health professionals nationally and internationally - combining science with humour, film clips, live demonstrations, and experiential activities so participants enjoy themselves and leave with new tools they can use right away.

She has contributed to publications such as the Psychotherapy Networker, The Neuropsychotherapist, and Counseling Today. She has appeared as a guest expert on CBS Radio News, NPR affiliates, Shrinkwrap Radio, and podcasts in Europe, Canada, and Australia.

Speaker Disclosure:
Financial: Courtney Armstrong is in private practice. She is an author for WW Norton and receives royalties. Ms. Armstrong receives a speaking honorarium from PESI, Inc.
Non-financial: Courtney Armstrong is a member of the Institute for Rapid Resolution Therapy.
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The New Rules of Trauma Treatment
Integrating Neuroscience for Resilience, Connection and Post-Traumatic Growth
A Live Video Webcast
Today only £349 (VAT Inclusive) — an unbelievable value!
Earn up to 15 CPD Hours — included in the price.
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